Concerning Quinoa in the Kale Salad

I was thinking about my kale salad now and then over the past weeks. Just after I had bought another pack of quinoa I saw an advertisement for a website where they sell the so-called “super foods”. When an online shop can survive by only selling super foods this cannot be good for the country of origin of these groceries. Food trends mean that sales rise rapidely. A higher demand increases the price. Thus, the inhabitants of the country of origin of super food, in my example quinoa, are not able to buy it anymore or at least not enough. Not only it is bad for the people, it also provokes problems in agriculture, such as a lack in soil fretility. The farmers do not let the fields rest anymore – in comparison: before the food trend fields were let rest for up to eight years (1). This harms a very fragile ecological system.

Of course, quinoa is yumm and very healthy. But why do we not start thinking about what our country has to offer? What can grow just outside our home? What is regional? Think about it…

And quinoa is just one example.



(1), last accessed 2016/03/22


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